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Game Pilot is an application for learning programming on a mobile iOS device. You or your child can try yourself in programming without knowing any complex programming languages such as Objective-C. In Game Pilot environment you can create games by editing text of scene directly on your device, immediately run and test the game.

You can copy project files from your computer using a USB-cable. Game Pilot would also upload/download files via FTP, so if you copy project files on FTP server, several users can test and debug the game simultaneously.

Game Pilot lets you create and debug animations, including animations of characters consisting of several parts.

With Game Pilot, you can create applications with labyrinths as well. It includes an appropriate algorithm.

When the game is debugged, you can compile it in Xcode to publish the application in AppStore.

Game Pilot is based on Cocos2d.

The difference between the free and the paid versions is that the paid version has more capabilities to work with projects:

Game Pilot Designer
- Transferring projects via USB and executing;
- Viewing the source code;
- Editing of projects texts;
- Working with FTP;
- Setting of breakpoints;
- Step by step execution.

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