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Apps created with Game Pilot

The following apps were created by us with Game Pilot:

Earworm (for iPad)




Earworm is a worm that lets toddlers train their ears. It sings a melody and your child sings it back by ear. Earworm has six friends which sing with different voices. Can you sing like an elephant? Or croak like a frog? Kids will have fun singing simple melodies!

Earworm for Toddlers
Earworm Plus (for kids 3+)
10 simple melodies, free! 16 melodies

Two Stars (for iPad and iPhone)




Two Stars is a highly explosive math game that helps you to train speed in addition. You have to combine number stars to make sums of 10.

Two Stars Basic
Two Stars Plus
3 levels only, free! more than 30 levels

Hungry Buddy (for iPad)




Buddy is hungry! Help him to pick up his bones! Each step to the bone is a special assignment - he will move forward if you manage to tell - how many objects are on the screen.

For parents and teachers: our "Hungry Buddy" game develops the ability of players to count the number of items at a glance! This is the next essential step after the child has learned numbers 1 to 10 and can tell them in ascending order.

Reaction Pilot (for iPad and iPhone)




The app lets you test & improve your reflex skills. The aim of the game is simple: right after a signal, tap the "Touch" button as many times as possible. You have only 10 seconds.



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