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We offer you 14 lessons that will teach you how to work with Game Pilot and help you to make first steps in game programming.

We assume that you also use Mac or PC and that you can perform simple actions with graphic images as well.

These lessons are built-in into Game Pilot and can be opened on your iPad (iPhone). Please read how to see the built-in lessons in Game Pilot.

You can also use a Bluetooth-keyboard. Game Pilot allows you to use hotkeys, which makes your work more convenient.

While creating games for iPhone, you can use iPad as well. If your project meant for iPhone, its name must include the string "IPhon". Such projects will execute on iPad in "IPhone Window"" mode. The advantage of iPad is that it's convenient to edit text of the code on the large screen. Also on iPad, you can switch between the iPhone4 and iPhone5 modes.

The lessons are presented in order of increasing complexity. We strongly recommend that you go through the lessons in the order they are listed.

Select the device which you develop the application for:

Lesson Download for iPad
1. Run a project and add background. Lesson001.zip
2. Output of a character. Lesson002.zip
3. Images for iPad and Retina. Hotkeys. Lesson003.zip
4. Character properties & commands of character states.  
5. Several sprites for a character. Sound. Lesson005.zip
6. Several states for a character. Slots. Lesson006.zip
7. Sending and processing of messages. Lesson007.zip
8. Game "Ladybird". Lesson008.zip
9. Composite characters. Lesson009.zip
10. Coordinates of sprites. Lesson010.zip
11. Adding a scene. Lesson011.zip
12. Subordinate characters. Lesson012.zip
13. Scrollable icons. Lesson013.zip
14. Ball in a labyrinth. Lesson014.zip

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